Zendesk Apps

Custom Apps

Zendesk provides a well-built platform to extend functionality and integrate data with external systems through the app framework. Workflow apps and pulling data from external sources are common customisations possible through the app framework.

Powerful Integrations

Zendesk provides an extensive set of APIs to interact with your data and build powerful integrations including CTI, real-time data streaming, and Chat Messaging. Common use cases include extracting data for reporting and warehousing, creating and managing user requests, and uploading data from external sources.

Help Centre Customisation

Zendesk Guide is equipped with a fully customizable Help Centre pages to extend functionality and customize to match your company's branding. Custom request forms and displaying data from external sources is possible using Zendesk's own Theme Editor.

Data Migrations

Tickets and Users

Uploading data from external systems for new implementations is made a breeze by Zendesk's powerful APIs designed to support data imports for bulk uploads and for exporting large datasets. Commonly used for new implementations or when data needs to be exported for external use.

Help Centre Content

Zendesk Help Centre features a robust set of APIs to make it easy to import style and branding as well as content structures from external sources. Data can also be synced at regular intervals to support translation workflows.

Data Syncing

Synchronizing data between Zendesk and external sources like CRM or OMS is facilitated by Zendesk's robust set of APIs providing complete access to an extensive set of data. Tickets and users can be exported at intervals to maintain syncing between Zendesk and external data analytics tool.

Consulting Services

New Implementations

We have extensive experience helping new users get started with Zendesk whether migrating from an existing solution and needing to import data and existing processes or for first-time users of Ticketing system needing help to establish processes, we can consult and advise on a wide range of cases.

Managed Zendesk Services

Business Processes and Requirements are constantly evolving, Zendesk is consistently delivering new and enhanced functionality, and so managing and optimizing usage of Zendesk is of upmost importance. Our extensive experience with managing Zendesk can provide immense benefit and deliver great returns on the efficiency and value.

Business Process Review

We can help review existing process and implementation in Zendesk to validate your approach and recommend best practices for technology and people processes to enhance value and help achieve your specific goals.