Zendesk Apps

  • Zendesk Support and Chat Apps
  • Custom Integrations
  • Help Centre Development

Data Migrations

  • Ticket Import and Export
  • User Import and Export
  • Help Centre Migrations
  • Data Syncing

Consultant Services

  • New Implementation Services
  • Managing Zendesk Administration
  • Business Process Review

Why Choose Us

High Quality Consulting

Our knowledge and expertise drive our emphasis on delivering High Quality Consulting.

60 Day Post Project Support

In order to ensure a high level of satisfaction we will continue to provide support for up to 60 days after project completion.


We know that every project is different so we emphasize a flexbile approach to meet your needs.

Technical Expertise

Extensive experience with complex technical requirements extending and integrating

Best Practices

Consistently emphasizing best practices for system utilization

User Experience

Projects are focused on providing best experience with user in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zendesk can be integrated with most external systems, most common use cases being CRM, Object Storage, SMS gateway, or Order Management.

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Support, Digital Team, Finance, IT, external and internal use cases abound

We'll work to get the most important parts ready to deploy and determine the order so as to best meet and exceed the projects goal

New and existing users can benefit by partnerning with Eastern Logic to build and deploy, test and configure Zendesk to meet your teams requirements.

Our expertise not only covers the core project but also the variety of channels that can be used to connect with customers, including Zendesk Chat, Zendesk Talk and Telephony Integrations, Whatsapp, Emalis, Contact Forms and More.